Tips & tricks: 16 ideas for a lively intranet


Brand your intranet, give it a personality and give it a short and sweet name.


Don’t forget to send good luck. Did anyone individually or the office win an award? Has anyone been promoted? This reporting influences the motivation of colleagues.


Make files and documents on the intranet accessible to everyone. No one likes to run into a permissions screen.


Keep the intranet interesting. Try out different colors (themes) sometimes. Maybe something to do with the seasons.


Try not to use too much text. Make the intranet attractive with images.


Keep-it-clean. Use lines, different colors and possibly white areas as filler to keep it attractive to the eye. 


Competition? For example, set up a competition and announce it on the intranet. Give the person a prize, perhaps a voucher.


It’s fun to arrange a theme day. A well-known one is of course the “Throwback Thursday”. You might also want to opt for “Photo Friday”. This stimulates an atmosphere.


Post an “Inspirational quote” that is close to the organization. It can inspire or motivate colleagues.


Occasionally post a humorous video, cartoon, GIF or image from, for example, The Office. The colleagues get a good vibe with the intranet. 


Use tags in your content. At the beginning, the search results are still manageable. After a year you are already happy that you gave the content a tag.


Set up a Q&A list for your colleagues where they can pin their question to management.


Every now and then, put a colleague in the spotlight. What is he or she good at? What does he or she always order in the pub? Why does the colleague deserve to be put in the spotlight?


Offer a training or post a tutorial on the intranet. A video is the best way to convey information and knowledge.


Let your colleagues know that they can also create content on the intranet themselves. To do this, you could give someone temporary rights to share a news post, for example.


Experiment. Try out new workflows, ideas or designs.