The different variants of Microsoft Copilot

Since the end of 2023, large companies can use Microsoft Copilot, and from the beginning of 2024 it will be available to everyone in the Netherlands. Copilot is built on OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs) and is similar to ChatGPT, but within all Microsoft applications. Copilot has several variants that we explain for you below. Want to read more about Copilot? Then read this blog first. Are you already up-to-speed? If so, please read on: 


Microsoft Copilot

Former Bing Chat was announced with much anticipation in early 2023. Google in particular watched with great displeasure the possible emergence of a serious competitor. Bing Chat, now Copilot, uses the familiar GPT-4 language model. This created a combination of Large Language Models and search, also called Generative Search.


Microsoft 365 Copilot

A collection of Copilots available in the Microsoft 365 environment. This includes Copilot in Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. In seconds, it can create summaries of Teams meetings and Word documents, create Excel visualizations from text input, and it can generate drafts for emails in Outlook.


Windows Copilot

A Copilot specifically for your Windows operating system. Frustrations in searching through user settings this Copilot hopes to make a thing of the past. Settings such as region changes, backup and access can be controlled through this Copilot via human language instead of searching through all possible settings (and then not finding what you were looking for...). Microsoft even changed the keyboard for the first time in years and added a Copilot key (see the image at the top of this blog).


Github Copilot

Github Copilot is the most widely used Generative AI tool for code generation and verification. This Copilot not only makes programmers' workflows more efficient, it makes coding itself more accessible. This functionality is available in Visual Studio and Visual Code.

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Power BI Copilot:

With Power BI Copilot, writing formulas is made easier and you get deeper insights from your data through suggested visuals and analytics.


Security Copilot

Copilot also offers added value within the security of the Microsoft environment. It supports with Defender, Entra, Intune, Priva and Sentinel. These terms will be especially familiar to IT vendors and Cloud Service Providers.

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Copilot Studio

In the recently introduced Copilot Studio, Copilots can be personalized. In a so-called Custom Copilot, you can add additional resources such as SharePoint libraries, websites and PDFs that you can then chat with the full power of GPT-4.

At IT Factor, we are busy identifying how these Copilots can create value. In our opinion, this is the AI application with the greatest impact in the legal profession. This is mainly due to the fact that Copilot is in the Microsoft suite and is therefore safe to use (if the Microsoft Tenant settings are right). This tool dramatically changes the way lawyers spend their time. Copilot 365 in particular, the second from the above list, will be widely used by business and legal professionals.

IT Factor has the firstcustomCopilotalready in the pipeline and we look forward to informing you of further developments.Below you can see a preview of aCopilotactive in our Teams environment.