Microsoft 365 Copilot – Can our law firm work with it?

Yes! You have the option of activating Copilot as a law firm. Do you already want this right now? Copilot office wide implementation most certainly not – but it is wise to start testing now with a small pilot group.

Soon you will discover that Copilot is still in its infancy. Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft reported that Copilot will only be available for Enterprise customers with 300+ users for now. Here they unexpectedly came back quickly and made Copilot available to all users. It’s a race against time!

With high expectations, IT Factor went to work with Copilot to test and assess as much as possible for usability in the legal profession. After turning on and updating all Microsoft apps, you’ll see Copilot’s button appear in the language bar of every application (except Outlook’s). The user interface looks promising. Can I already use it for my work? Copilot currently understands only five languages of which Dutch is unfortunately not yet one of them. In addition, you will note that the output is still quite minimal compared to that of ChatGPT.

Then we started testing it on English-language documents. Although it looks good at first, it is currently a bit disappointing. Surely ChatGPT’s excellent user experience is hard to match. Not surprising since the user has not mastered the way of working with Copilot in three seconds. Copilot can do a lot, but where to start? Copilot can summarize documents for you, generate texts on a topic of your choice, rewrite texts, and you can ask questions about a document.

IT Factor believes that Copilot is not yet mature enough to work with in the legal profession, and it will have to wait a while. There have even been a few times when Microsoft got stuck using Copilot. In fact, there have been a few times when Microsoft got stuck with Copilot. It is possible that this decision was made deliberately, so that users could start learning how to work with language models such as Copilot from the beginning.

Copilot will eventually support lawyers in their daily tasks, allowing tasks to be performed many times more efficiently. IT Factor is keeping a close eye on Copilot developments and will continue to keep you informed. If you are interested in a tour, we can visit you soon.

Below you can see a huge list of prompts to choose from. You even have the opportunity to put together your own deck of prompts that work best for you.