Tjeu Cox Remco Visser

Interview with IT Factor

They have got the ‘it factor’ – Mirjam van Veelen

Guys on a mission the sky is not the limit as shown by the rocket on their website flying to the moon. IT Factor is a brand new company that provides tailor-made advice to offices on digital innovation. Efficiency is their keyword. No wonder their clientele consists mainly of law firms.

Visit their website and in a few minutes you will know who Remco Visser, Tjeu Cox and Mannus Schomaker are, what they have to offer and how they work. Which is efficient. The texts on their website are clear, swinging and challenging. For example, they conclude the -who are we- page with the sentence:

“There is plenty to say about the gentlemen from IT Factor. Nevertheless, you have to meet them in real life to really get to know them.”

We had the pleasure of getting to know them in real life. Tjeu and Remco worked on our new intranet last month. When you first see them work together, you think they are childhood friends, but they have only known each other for two years. Unipartners, a consultancy firm that links university students and companies, brought them together. In 2019, the three did a project at RESOR Advocaten. The collaboration went so well that RESOR did not see a future without the boys, whether they could remain available externally? Of course! Immediately after graduating in the summer of 2020, they founded IT Factor B.V. on. Mannus is not in the picture at the moment, he was offered a PhD in Robotics.

Less than a year after their founding, Remco and Tjeu can count renowned firms among their clients, they have completed 25 projects and are currently managing 6 of them. If they are not working on location, you can find them in the A’DAM Tower where they rent a flexible workspace on the fourteenth floor.

Founded during the pandemic, the Covid-19 virus actually worked to their advantage. The legal profession was forced to digitize at a rapid pace. After working from home, video calling, online hearings and online seminars, the step to a digital office and the use of legal tech and legal tools was quickly taken. act Fort Advocaten met the boys through the office director of Resor, the rest is history, but one thing is certain: IT Factor has the future.

The letters IT stand for Information Technology and Factor for a circumstance that influences something, but the name of the company could just as well refer to the expression ‘They have got the ‘it’ factor’in other words: “Wouldn’t you love to be that guy that everyone wants to be around?” “The person who commands a presence when they walk into a room?”

Because once these guys have worked for you, you don’t want to lose them!