Artificial Intelligence. The person with the right combination of AI tools is the true intelligence behind completing a task

Professional AI Advice: Certified by the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Program 2023-11, IT Factor guides your law firm toward technological innovation and successful implementation.


GenAI. AI should be a tool and not a goal. By following the steps below, a law firm can make an informed decision about the possible use of AI tools.

1. Inform

2. Advise

  • Survey
  • Needs analysis
  • Alignment with strategy and IT-infrastructuur
  • Financial business case
  • Policy and ethics
  • Advice and conclusion

3. Implement


Perspective. Remco and Martijn have been keeping a close eye on developments around AI. Last year, these developments put the legal world on edge. In the 'Bedrijfsjurist' podcast, they share their views on AI, legal tech, data-driven steering and process optimization.


Information. Read our blogs on AI & Copilot below.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for the legal profession

IT Factor configures your Microsoft 365 Copilot for you and guides your Pilot group through the adoption of Copilot. What should you think about?

Pilot group

We recommend forming a Pilot group to be the first to test Copilot. With guidance from IT Factor, we can train this group to become Copilot experts and, simultanelously, identify the best practices for the office.

Security Microsoft tenant

Copilot runs entirely in your Microsoft tenant. Therefore, it is crucial that the Microsoft tenant has the correct settings and security.

Access management

Is there an access policy in place that restricts access to folders and are there any sensitivity labels on individual documents?


Who will be part of the pilot group and do they have the appropriate Copilot licenses?

Installation of Copilot in the Microsoft apps

Copilot should be visible in all Microsoft apps such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Teams. We can then start working with the Pilot group to implement Copilot.

Prompts examples

IT Factor offers a variety of prompts to make sure every user gets the most out of Copilot.


Virtual assistance. Generative AI should be considered a co-pilot, not an autopilot.