Event – Uncover Legal x IT Factor

Looking back on the past year to look forward. Here are the insights from Uncover x IT Factor's Legal Tech event that took place in Amsterdam.

The session on Tuesday afternoon, with a beautiful view over the rooftops of Amsterdam, brought together decision-makers and digital innovators from both small and large law firms. The legal industry is preparing for Generative AI and Copilot developments. We organized the event together with the team from Uncover Legal who won a Golden Hourglass last year with their smart solution for litigation, among other things.

The beginning of a new era in legal tech
Tjeu Cox of IT Factor opened with an introduction on Cloud development, focusing on the transition from private to public clouds, such as Microsoft Cloud. Migrating to another environment is now complex and time-consuming. Yet you can no longer think this step away in the rapidly developing world of innovation. Many law firms have made this switch, changing the role of IT vendors and opening new doors for more computing power, advanced tools and massive storage capacity – essential for AI.

Driving innovation at an international law firm
Diederik Tijssen Innovation Manager Benelux at Norton Rose Fulbright then explained how a large multinational law firm with as many as 250 innovation professionals spread across 8 teams handles the selection, purchase and subsequent adoption of legal tech tools. Very interesting as Diederik was able to tell the group his learnings and explain a working method that you can also use as a small office. The crux, according to Diederik, lies in first getting a good idea of the problems you wish to solve for the lawyers in question. Next is to choose a tool that provides a suitable solution without changing the current way of working more than necessary. For the changes that do occur, it is important to ensure that support is always ready for questions and that sufficient training is provided to the intended users. Finally, it is important to involve lawyers in investment decisions; after all, they are the ones you are aiming to help!

Uncover’s review of 2023 and outlook for 2024
With the knowledge the fresh knowledge on how to deal with purchasing tools, the stage was given to Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing, co-founder of Uncover. She gave a brief look back at 2023, particularly highlighting the rapid development of the GPT language models that managed to make it to the Bar Exam in March 2023 and the efforts of the EU and Biden Administration to manage AI developments for the benefit of the economy. She then talked about the improvements Uncover expects to see in existing language models, additional language models that will make their way to the market in the coming year, and other AI-driven solutions that are of interest to lawyers such as tools to be able to tell how strong or weak the argument is from the opposing party’s behavior. The start-up also provided insight into how lawyers can best use the time they save to highlight themselves as specialists to clients and prospects and take their consulting content to the next level.

The power of data-driven decision-making
Martijn Lesterhuis of Venturis Consulting Group took the audience through the potential of steering by data. It highlights how law firms can benefit from unused data, where using data insights can yield significant financial, client-related and AI-driven benefits. The presentation also covers the impact of generative AI on the legal profession, the need for a strategic approach to implementing data-driven techniques, and the steps to effective implementation. In addition, examples were given of how data analytics can contribute to practice management and business models.

Conclusion: A look at the future of legal tech
This event offered a glimpse into a future where law and technology are intertwined, paving the way for innovative, efficient and client-focused legal services. The discussions and insights of the day are a testament to the industry’s willingness to adapt and evolve. A new era has dawned for both legal professionals and their clients. Although the discussions had to conclude at the end of the day, the conversations and connections made promised to continue well beyond the walls of the event.