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Power BI

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Get insight into your organization!

Using Business Intelligence from IT Factor gives you real-time insights into your data from various data sources. This results in more insight in the client performance, revenue trends, debtors, the firm’s financial position and more. IT Factor is a partner of Legalsense, Kleos and Twinfield and can also connect to other data sources like SQL-servers and data warehouses.

The first step for analyzing data is to connect to different databases. The most important three are the practice management system, financial records and CRM. We do this through APIs. If an API is not available, a data export can also help.

Once the data is loaded into Power BI, this data is modeled. This step ensures that the data provides the right insights and can be filtered.

Once the data model is ready for use, building the first visualizations can begin. We at IT Factor have a clear picture of the visualizations that actually add value for the board.

Once the visualizations are made, additional analyses can be made such as; what is the main revenue driver, what is a good hourly rate to stick to and what kind of services should we offer extra or outsource.

Finally, of course, all dashboards, reports and analytics need to be managed. Using Microsoft Power BI makes management relatively easy because it works with existing Microsoft accounts and Microsoft 365 groups. If you already have a group that includes management, for example, then you only need to give this group access to a report or dashboard.

Benefits of a dashboard on Power BI

Real-time insight

BI generates real-time insights from multiple data sources in a single view.

Identifying trends

BI Identifies possible trends through analysis and smart interactive visuals.

Data quality

BI provides insight into your data quality. Moreover, this is often a trigger to collect more data.

Data analysis

BI enables data analysis. Through data analysis, predictions can be made on which strategies can be developed.

Management information

BI provides direction within the organization by anticipating changes more quickly.

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