Business Intelligence. In the modern world, insights are worth gold. Data is also the key to success in the legal profession.

A dashboard from IT Factor includes all the essential elements for a law firm to manage. Through regular feedback from daily boards, management and finance, IT Factor has built up a large number of best practices.


Why choose IT Factor?

Improve the performance of your law firm with IT Factor’s Management Dashboard. Gain real-time insights, upgrade efficiency and make data-driven decisions with the support of our powerful visualizations. In collaboration with the board and the finance department, we custom-build your own dashboard with the latest figures every day.

IT Factor focuses solely on the legal profession, allowing us to provide offices with a number of best practices in the market. IT Factor has also developed a Client Intelligence dashboard for offices that are actively involved in Business Development.


Software. Various sources that we know inside and out.


Information. The knowledge is here for the taking.


Datadriven. Four arguments why it is essential to use data as a basis for decision-making.

The first and most immediate benefit for data-driven law firms is automation. Where previously time-consuming analyzes and manual reports were the norm, these are now being replaced by visually appealing and interactive dashboards. This results in real-time in-depth insights into finances and business activities at both company and practice, sector and customer level. It increases efficiency and enables law firms to make faster and more informed decisions.

Data allows law firms to refine their business strategies at the practice, sector and client level. Deep insights into performance, cost structures and improvement opportunities, including scenario and forecast planning, help determine profitable customers and practices. It helps to realize higher rates, optimize personnel and identify improvement actions that strengthen the competitive position.

Another value proposition lies in improving the financial health of the office. Data enables law firms to strengthen their cash flow position, increase revenue and improve margins. This leads to a reduction in the loss of billable hours and improves the entire billing and collection process.

Finally, data-driven law firms are “future ready.” They make decisions based on facts and data, which enables them to innovate faster, both in technical practice and customer processes and in pricing models. They are ready to integrate data, and by extension artificial intelligence, into their working methods in a sustainable way. This modern law firm is focused on providing high-quality, value-adding services to their clients and is open to collaboration and change.


Datadriven. Clickable and in realtime.


Client performance. Revenue, margin, realisation, and more...


Future-ready. Strategy is not about reacting to the future, but about creating it.